This project involved the construction of a flagship, city centre office building in what was previously a car park in Belfast. The project was challenging in a number of ways - the site was very tightly lined with other buildings meaning that we had limited options to mount the camera, the city centre location mean that we had to control risks and the internal phase offered spotty 4G coverage to communicate with the units. 
We secured a suitable mounting position on a neighbouring rooftop and fixed our camera in placed using specialised roof bolts to ensure the unit was stable. We also tethered the unit and solar panel to an anchoring system to reduce the risk to the pedestrian and road traffic below. 
The first video shows the 18 month construction phase and the following video shows a compilation of the internal works to fit out the shell into a modern, spacious and forward thinking office space.
Strabane Academy 
We were commissioned to provide timelapse coverage for a 2 stage project at Strabane Academy in Northern Ireland. The first stage of the project was to cover the construction of the new school building and the second was to reposition the camera to cover the demolition of the old school building and the construction of a car park and bus terminal for the school's use.
The project took just under 2 years to complete and our units were more than capable of providing clear coverage during this time. In addition to the timelapse videos that we processed from the captured images, we also provided a custom login page for staff, pupils and parents to login and be able to see the latest captured images to keep them involved and updated throughout the project. 
You can see both videos embedded below.
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