Fully wireless; remotely controllable

Using 3G/ 4G connectivity we are able to communicate with our unit to ensure that it is capturing photographs as designed. We can adjust the start and end times of the working day, increase the interval if there is something happening you’d like to see in more detail or tell the unit to sleep if you're having a sensitive site visit that you don't want recorded.


Our units are weather-proof, tamper-proof and use tough, optical glass on the front viewing window. We receive reports from our units every 5 minutes for the entire duration of your project. This means that we know if the power has been removed or if the unit is having any other issues. We also perform manual checks several times per day and can spot if the unit has been knocked or obscured and get in touch to remedy the issue quickly.

Superb image quality

We’re using Canon DSLR cameras inside our units and shoot hi-resolution JPGs. This means that we can zoom in and see great detail in the images when we process them to create your final video. We also manually filter the images to remove times when there is no activity on site or raindrops that would obscure the view and reduce the quality of the video you receive. Unlike many timelapse providers, our background is in photography so you can rest assured that your video will be framed well, exposed correctly and be free of flicker.

CSR and PAL certified

Our staff have all completed extensive training to guarantee that we'll be making safe visits to your site. Everyone that works for Skyline carries a valid Construction Skills Register card and also has a Powered Access License. We'll supply a full RAMS for each camera installation so you have peace of mind before our camera arrives to document your project.
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